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Deliver professional services to your clients by creating intake forms to screen people before they book to make faster and higher-quality connections.

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Always on Time ( allows the admin to create additional questions for clients through the intake form(s) and attach these form(s) to services and locations so clients can answer these additional questions upon booking a service. 

An intake form is a questionnaire you share with customers at the start of your service relationship. The question you ask allows you to gather the information you require from your customers to understand the following:

  • Understand whether the client is the right fit for you and your service. Can you help the customers with the specific problem (or problems) they’re experiencing?
  • Gather all the information you need to provide your service to this particular customer. 

Best Practices in Creating Intake Forms

While the questions that may include in your client intake form may vary, make sure to take note of the following:

  1. Your intake form should be short, direct, straightforward, and user-friendly to fill in.
  2. Don’t add information that you don’t need.
  3. Always review and tweak if needed.
  4. Beware of regulatory and compliance requirements, including health records or sexual preferences. 

How It Works

By default, your customers will be required to enter their basic information, such as First Name, Last Name, email, and contact information, once they book a service.

  1. Go to Intake Forms on your sidebar, and click the Add Intake Form Questions.
  2. The Question Introduction and the Descriptions are mandatory for creating intake forms to be sent when services are booked. It is a primary step that lets your clients know what form is or is an opportunity to let them know what they need to do to complete it.
  3. In the Services field, you can select All Services, Selected Services Only, from which the clients can choose.
  4. In the Locations field, you can select All Locations, Selected Locations Only, from which the clients can choose. Click Save & Continue. 

5. Drag and drop the fields on the left or hover & click the “+ Drag or Click to Add Question” icon to add fields to the form.

6. Enter your questions and select from the Short Textbox (you can also change the field on this dropdown) on how you want your client to respond. However, you should decide whether the respective fields will be dropdown, checkbox, and other options.

7. Click the controlled button + Drag or Click to Add Question to add multiple questions, or you may drag a specific field from the left. 

8. Select the toggle case if the question is Required or Ask Only Once for each question. You may also have the option to copy or delete the question.

  • For Ask Only Once, if the customer has already answered the form and you don’t want them to be asked the same form or question the next time they book a service, you can enable this. Also, once it is answered, this will not be asked again. An example might be a question, such as “How did you hear about us?”.
  • Required, is a mandatory question the customer must answer before they can finish the survey/quiz/form.

9. Is the form easy and direct? Is the form easy and straightforward? While reviewing your intake form, check for spelling, fields skipped, etc. Once completed, click Save Form. 

Before using this Intake Form feature for your business, ensure that it suits your needs and requirements. Make it your own, and don’t forget to follow the guidelines in this article to make it the best form it can be for your customers and your service. 

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