Purchase a Membership Using the Point of Sale System for Existing & New Clients

Accept cash, credit/debit cards, and coupons online and on-site with our easy-to-use POS system feature - NO CODE REQUIRED.

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Always on Time (AOT.plus) helps you to stay on top of your business and simplify your operation using the AOT POS (Point of Sale) feature. Run your business from anywhere with our cloud-based system, track your sales easily, and get real smart data reporting right at your fingertips. The AOT POS is included in all AOT subscription tiers and works perfectly with laptops and PCs.

Let’s look at the step-by-step process of purchasing a subscription membership using the Point of Sale (POS) and setting you up for success. 

How it Works

1. Go to Point of Sale in the sidebar, or alternatively click on + New or the Universal Create button and click New Sale.

2. Select from the available location(s) where the client wants to avail of Membership Subscriptions or Packages. Then, click the + Add button. 

The client can ONLY avail of either one Subscription or Package at a time on the system. The selected membership package will appear on the Order Summary on the right sidebar.

Note: Each location(s) displays ONLY available membership subscriptions and packages offered. 

3. You have the option to include a commission to be credited to the staff account by simply clicking the pencil icon on the Commission Due. Click Update. For example, any commission applied to the sale will be recorded and included in the relevant sales or commission reports that can be accessed in the Reports section. Learn More.

4. Enter coupon code, if any, for any discount. Discount will be automatically deducted from the Total. Learn More. Click Pay to proceed with payment.

5. On the Pay Order page, payment for subscription membership can be made by these options:

A. For Existing Clients: Search for the client name and staff member who offered the membership subscription. Then, choose the preferred payment method and click Complete Payment. 

B. For New Clients: Click + New Client and complete all information. Search for the staff member who offered the membership subscription. Choose the preferred payment method and click Complete Payment. The new client will automatically be added to the Client Dashboard. 

6. Once payment is completed, a purchase confirmation will be sent to your email and client email addresses for reference. 

Still need help? Reach out to us anytime via live chat at the bottom of this screen. If we're not around, we will get back to you as soon as we can. You can also email us at support@aot.plus.

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